Stephen J Eglen Computational Neuroscience


Here are some slides for talks I have given recently. (Some Keynote slides are missing.)


Towards Transparency in APCs Westminster Higher Education Forum html version


Simple steps to improve reproducibility of your computational research Cambridge RSE Seminar Series.

Bullied into Bad Science Westminster Higher Education Forum.

[Encouraging code and data sharing: a primer in open science and reproducible research] ( Oxford.


On a role for competition (and sharing) in computational neuroscience BNDU Science Day, Oxford.

Encouraging code and data sharing in neuroscience RDM meeting, Cambridge.

Encouraging code and data sharing in neuroscience CNS 2017 Workshops, Antwerp.

Detecting pairwise correlations in high-density recordings: open science in action CNS 2017 Workshops, Antwerp.

Encouraging code sharing in academia, Research software management, sharing and sustainability workshop, Cambridge.


Maps on the brain summer school, Nijmegen. (References).

FENS 2016, Copenhagen. Slides

Liber 2016, Helsinki. Slides

AINI 2016, Tokyo. Slides on UK node.


Biobridges workshop 2015, Hinxton.

Scientific data 2015, London.