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Paperpile at Cambridge Maths Faculty


Paperpile at Cambridge Maths Faculty

Update: March 2019. The mathematics paperpile site licence will expire at the end of March 2019. If you would like to discuss how to continue a site licence: (1) please read the new Cambridge paperpile email list (2) consider helping with a bid for funds by commenting on this google document.

Update: October 2018. You can now use your email address rather than needing an @maths account.

The Faculty of Mathematics at Cambridge has bought a site licence for one year to the Paperpile software for managing PDFs. I’ve written a short overview of why it might be useful for your research.

To use the Cambridge maths site licence for paperpile, you will need to create a new google account that is linked to a or a address.


  1. Visit and create a new account. On the second line when it asks “Choose your username” ensure that you click the link underneath the box saying “I prefer to use my current email address” and instead type in your address.

  2. Authenticate the google account when you get the link in your maths email inbox.

  3. Visit using Chrome browser. In the top right of the window - Click “Sign in”, and sign in with your google account. If you have not used paperpile before, it will ask you to install the Paperpile extension – say yes.

You should then be set up.

You can be logged into other tabs with your regular @gmail account, and paperpile buttons on those tabs will still work.

Trial ends March 2019

Please note that this trial is for one year, until end of March 2019. This trial should give us enough time whether there is sufficient demand within the Maths faculty and University to commit to a longer-time licence agreement. If you are a user from outside Maths, we would ask you to help us evaluate Paperpile, and consider asking your department to join any potential new licence in 2019.


  1. As of November 2018, the Paperpile proxy for Cambridge should now work.