Stephen J Eglen Computational Neuroscience

maps2015 workshop

On 7-9 December 2015, we hosted maps2015 in Strasbourg, France. The primary aim of the meeting was to bring together the two communities of theoreticians and experimentalists working on related problems in developmental neurobiology. This was the second meeting that we have hosted on this topic, following on from in Edinburgh. This year the programme took a slightly wider scope: although most talks were related to the development and order in brain maps, we also had several interesting talks including mouse and zebrafish behaviour. It was also notable that several speakers chose to share unpublished data – something that doesn’t tend to happen in larger meetings. The meeting brought together several research groups for the first team, and has already resulted in several new collaborations across the theoretical–experimental divide.


Twenty-three posters were presented at the meeting. On the second evening of the meeting we ran a ``lightning session’’ where each poster presenter was given one minute to talk about their poster. This was regarded as a great innovation, both by the audience and the poster presenters, and as such we would like to repeat it in future meetings. ?

At the closing discussion session, there was significant support for a future meeting in this area, as no other international meeting currently brought together these two communities. Any volunteers to host the next meeting?