Stephen J Eglen


I am a Reader in Computational Neuroscience in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, and member of the Cambridge Computational Biology Institute CCBI. I use computational techniques to investigate development of the nervous system. I am also director of the MPhil in Computational Biology.

Office hour

My office hour will resume in the week beginning April 24th.

What’s new?

2017-03-22: We have a new paper studying mechanisms for convergence of topographic maps.

2017-03-06: We are hosting a workshop on Docker containers for reproducible research in Cambridge 2728 June 2017.

2016-08-09: slides and references for Nijmegen summer school Maps in the brain.

2016-07-03: slides for our FENS networking event.

2016-05-22: draft slides for UK neuroinformatics node

2016-04-06: blog post on our special issue Quantitative Analysis of Neuroanatomy.

2016-03-12: I am in the process of generating a new web site. For now, my current site is still available.